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Our values

Client focus and tailor-made tax services

We assist our clients in clarifying their main objectives and we build the appropriate legal and tax strategy to achieve them. At every stage of our mission, we maintain ongoing contacts with our clients: Our proposal of services include the minutes of our meeting(s) and determine the scope of the mission, the corresponding fees and the necessary information/documentation. We are used to inform regularly the client during the mission. We make sure that clients well understand our recommendations. We oversee the implementation of our advice

Beyond our mission, our review of legal and tax changes allow us to anticipate their implications on our clients’ situation and offer proactive advice.

We provide our institutional clients for a tax and technical review on selected issues that could impact their business activity.

Expertise in a complex environment

The complexity and instability of the tax legislations, the globalization of assets and individuals have been growing, particularly in France.

Given this trend and the clients’ need for capital protection, it has become crucial to build an efficient strategy, meaning a strategy based on tax compliance and taking into consideration not only tax aspects but legal and financial aspects as well.

Pragmatic and straightforward solutions

We propose creative but pragmatic solutions.

Long-term approach

We are interested in building a long term relationship with our clients, based on professionalism and confidence.

Independance and collaborative approach

Our firm has developed a network of independent partners (law firms, notaries, accountants) in the locations where our clients are based. We pay attention to work with our clients’ advisors in a positive and cooperative way.