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Voluntary disclosure procedure on offshore assets

We have a strong expertise and a long experience in the field of regularizations before the French tax authorities. The disclosed assets may be bank accounts, life insurance contracts, real estate properties, precious metals, held directly or through legal entities (companies, trusts etc.).

In order to assist efficiently our clients at each stage of this complex procedure, we have implemented the following process:

  • Step 1 : client meeting on the client’s tax and wealth situation, the procedure and our fees; during this meeting or in the following days after, the client signs i) our proposal of services, ii) the power(s) of attorney allowing us to obtain any relevant documents from the banks and iii) an authorization by which we disclose the assets to the tax authorities
  • Step 2 : collection of the relevant documentation (bank documents, tax returns etc.)
  • Step 3 : tax and legal analysis of the case, draft of the tax returns/letters/certificates, and estimation of the financial implications
  • Step 4 : submission of the request together with all relevant documents to the tax authorities; follow-up and coordination of all tax payments
  • Step 5 : discussions with the tax authorities then double check of their proposal of transaction
  • Step 6 : signature of the transaction by both clients and the tax authorities; follow-up and coordination of the remaining payments